About us

Fox Instinct is an innovative Recruitment and HR Consulting company that passionately believe in empowering people and businesses to succeed.

We have crafted a comprehensive range of HR and recruitment services to help job-seekers and employers fulfill all their needs. We help businesses and career-minded individuals achieve their professional goals with ease.

A relatively new company based in Cyprus, we have people with real-world experience in HR departments. Our team includes HR professionals with a proven track record in successful recruitment. But we also know why recruitment initiatives fail — so we’re able to avoid many of the most common pitfalls.
We have a tried-and-tested plan we follow to the letter. We also enjoy working with the latest technologies, including innovative HR software and AI. This is what differentiates us from our competitors.
If you are an employer, we can help you recruit exceptional, suitably qualified candidates for any role within your organization. We can also help you reshape, reorganize and revamp your HR processes. The work we do with businesses across Cyprus helps them to become consistent, legally compliant and more efficient.

Our culture shapes everything we do

The ultimate goal of our experienced consultants is to connect job-seekers with employers.
We achieve this through a combination of dynamism and talent.
We’re always ahead of the curve, so we’re able to adapt to a constantly evolving HR market.
We understand that the commercial success of any business depends on the job satisfaction of its employees.

We are a company that cares for others

Helping companies fill vacant positions with new talents.
Running tests on our Lab department to evaluate the successful candidates.
Helping job seekers find long-term, worthwhile roles.
Fox Instinct carries the burden of recruitment.



Looking for your next career opportunity in Cyprus? We can help you find the job you deserve. We’ll pair you with suitable employers and help you present yourself — and your qualifications — in a way that’s attractive to recruiters.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect candidate or you need help finding the job of your dreams, reach out to the Fox Instinct team today. Take the first step to achieving your career or recruitment goals. You can talk the talk, it’s now time to walk the walk.
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