International Placement

Find your ideal candidate from abroad

Our premium, international recruitment services are designed to make not just the task of finding employees from overseas simpler, but the entire process – from visa applications to international travel and relocation. We are here to make everything easier and a whole lot less stressful. With our fully comprehensive, around the clock support, we will be there for you throughout your recruitment journey.

Get the best talent from around the world

If you want to recruit talented candidates from outside of Cyprus, but are facing challenges due to language barriers, or hurdles surrounding immigration laws, we can help alleviate your concerns and simplify the entire process.  With our dedicated international placement team and our partners overseas, we can help you find ideal candidates from abroad, and turn the immigration process for applicants from a nightmare ordeal, into a sweet dream!

Our international placement process

Our consultants will search for a suitable candidate on our database and by contacting and discussing with our partners abroad for the specific job opportunity. Once we find the relevant candidate, we will discuss with him/her about the position and about relocating to Cyprus. We even offer training to them to ensure that candidates are prepared not just for the work in a new country, but for the whole experience of living and working overseas. We recognize that even if you were able to find a list of suitable applicants, the candidates themselves need to feel confident that they can leave their current location, move to Cyprus and stay in line with all relevant immigration and work laws. By keeping up to date with all labor, human resources and immigration laws and regulations, we guarantee to always keep both parties compliant, and can offer advice, guidance and support that is both accurate and reliable.

Our pool of international jobs

By working closely with employers and job seekers in a variety of countries, we’ve built up a vast pool of international vacancies, and have hundreds of eager and talented candidates on our books. Providing both permanent and contingent job opportunities, our expert team of recruitment pros believes that there’s a dream job out there for everyone, and that every employer deserves to be paired with the ideal candidate, wherever they are in the world.
Loving nothing more than matching international applicants with employers in Cyprus, and ensuring a smooth experience for both parties, we deliver the ultimate in recruitment satisfaction!


For exciting global job prospects, talk to out team!

If you’re looking for an exciting new job opportunity that isn’t in your home country, Fox Instinct can connect you with reputable recruiters abroad and help you find worthwhile, legitimate work overseas.
So, to recruit talented candidates from all over the world, or find your ideal overseas work placement, talk to the team at Fox Instinct. We are making international recruitment, simple.
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