Job Seekers

Looking for a new career in Cyprus? Want to use your talent and experience to find your next exciting challenge?

Fox Instinct is here to help you find your dream job.

How do we do it?

We’ll take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your work and experience. But we go further than that. We’ll delve into your hopes and aspirations, and we’ll even address your weaknesses head-on. We do all this to ensure we match you to the right employer — and the right role.
Once you have submitted your resume, we’ll send you a pre-selector test to give us a better idea of your skills and experience. We’ll carefully review the test and your resume, and one of our consultants will arrange an initial interview with you. We’ll do everything we can to understand your aspirations and career goals. And we’ll discuss the detailed requirements of the jobs you’re interested in. This analytical approach allows us to ensure you’re the best fit for the published job. We’ll strive to understand what you’re looking for and which vacancies suit your skill-set.

Roles we specialize in

As an HR consulting agency, we specialize in a range of areas to support our customers. We can help with recruitment, interview preparation and personal development via various seminars.
We work with a wide range of companies in several sectors, including sales, accounting and software development. We’ve also successfully filled positions within the marketing, HR and IT industries. We never lose sight of the clients we serve. We are here to help you by introducing you to hundreds of suitable job opportunities.

Roles we specialize in

As a job-seeker, finding a position that gives you job satisfaction as well as pays the bills is probably important to you. When you choose Fox Instinct, finding both is never beyond the realms of possibility. The right role is within your grasp — we’re here to help you secure it.
Because our candidate placement service aims to deliver outstanding results for both parties – job seeker and employer – it’s not in our best interests to mismatch applicants. Doing so leaves both parties dissatisfied. At Fox Instinct, we are only interested in providing quality pairings that unite talented and hardworking individuals with business-minded employers; anything less just does not work for us!

Our candidate placement team

At Fox Instinct, we remember what it feels like to be unemployed or searching for a dream role. We understand what it’s like working in an unfulfilling job, and we would not wish that on anyone! Using our unique skills, we will draw out yours. And because we believe that there is a great job out there for everyone, we will work night and day to help you find it.

Why choose our recruitment services?

If you’re searching for a rewarding role within a company, and you’re tired of feeling unappreciated at work, Fox Instinct is here for you.  Whether you’re not earning enough or simply fancy a change of career, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you change your life. We can help you find the job of your dreams — with an employer who appreciates what you bring to the table.
Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary role, we can get you hired — fast.
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