HR Recruitment

We extend far beyond arranging benefits and having conversations with potential employees globally

HR Consulting
Talent acquisition for managerial positions
Recruitment EU citizens
Migration recruitment services (non EU citizens)
Team engagement, assessment & reports
Team building activities & reports
Personal interviews on behalf of clients
Candidates' profile tests & assessments
Customized HR training
Customized seminars on demand
Filing HR documents
Job applications
Recruitment on FOX payroll on behalf of clients
Leadership & management coaching

The 360HR Project Managers

Consulting & Engagement Team
Employee engagement cosnulting & Team building activities
Talent Acquisition
Head Hunting for executives & C-level positions highly effective recruitment processes
Lab Team
Use of technology for tests & assesments candidates' comprehensive profiles & reports for all clients
Training & Development Team
Seminars & events on business development tailor made trainings & webinars in a wide range of topics
Admin Team
Filing HR related documents for FOX clients communication and publications

The Process of Uniqueness

From lab tests with high end technology

Pre Selector Assessment

Test to evaluate the willingess of the candidate to contribute to the company’s success and growth and to the happiness of the team in which they will be a part of. Evaluating purpose drive, exchange drive, talent drive, service drive, performance drive and team drive.

Pre Hire Assessment

Test to evaluate 20 specific soft skills of the candidate, such as energy, persistence, results, determination, communication, pressure at work etc. These results provide the employer with a strong indication regarding the candidate’s reaction to the specific circumstances, productivity, behavior, reaction to challenges etc.

Problem-Solving Assessment

Test to evaluate the ability of the candidate to solve problems by measuring the candidate’s capability to understand information, communications and directives. It indicates the candidate’s attention to detail, good judgement and decision making and measures the candidate’s cognitive and intellectual abilities, as well as the skill of problem solving.

The Outcome of FOX

To open dialogue with all candidates before the onboarding process


Candidate Evaluation


Suggest Only the Top Matches


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