CV Preparation

Helping you market yourself better and get your CV noticed

Working closely with jobseekers, we don’t just write new and improved CV/resumes, we help you craft one that will automatically get you noticed, and make employers wonder why it’s taken them so long to find you!

Why are CV’s so important?


Whether you’ve never had a CV or have a poorly written one that has been rejected by employer after employer, these documents are a vital element of any job application process. Without a well written one that showcases your abilities, you may never even get to the interview stage.


When there are hundreds of candidates applying for the same job, or even just a handful, employers use CVs to shortlist applicants, and the only way to get your name on that list, is by having a CV that doesn’t just state your talents, qualifications and experience, it shouts them out!

How do we do it?

A well written CV that contains all the relevant information an employer needs, can be the difference between you securing your dream job, and you losing out to a competitor. Two candidates with the same qualifications and experience, can present their skills and qualities in entirely different ways, and because we understand what makes a CV stand out, we will help ensure you display your talents in the right way.
Our expert resume writers – comprised of recruitment professionals and career coaches – will set to work, creating a document that highlights all of your best features, and with the information you’ve given us, we will help employers not only find you, but find you 100% employable!


Need a little more to get you noticed? We’ve got you ‘covered’!

A captivating cover letter on its own, or when coupled with an outstanding CV, can send a strong message to employers that they should hire you above all other candidates, and gives you a real competitive edge in an often-crowded application process.
Our experts will ensure that your cover letter hits all the right targets, and is written in just the right way to get you the recognition you deserve.
Why let something so simple stand in the way of finding the job you’ve always dreamed of? Talk to the team at Fox Instinct, have your CV/resume or cover letter expertly crafted, and get employers talking about you!
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